How Do Airlines Calculate the Delay Time?

If you are waiting for your flight in an airport but get stuck because your flight got delayed, you might have a few questions that you want to get answered. You should learn about how airlines calculate delay time and other factors to know what will happen to you. To help you learn more about it, here is some useful information that you ought to know.


Why Does It Matter?

You might be wondering why knowing all the details of your flight delays matters and it matters because you can get compensation for the delays that you experienced. If you end up waiting for hours on end because the flight got delayed, you can get flight compensation with help from businesses such as to help you get paid back for the money and time you lost. There is nothing wrong with getting the compensation you are entitled to, so learning about how airlines calculate their delay times can be a great help to you.


The airline typically uses “gate-to-gate” as an airline measure, which refers to the times the aircraft begins and stops moving. However, for some compensation purposes, the arrival time could be determined by the time one gate has opened. Your flight time might be a bit less than what was allotted in the flight schedule because of this measure. There are a lot of other factors that can affect the measure of time as well, like the wind direction or how long it would take for the aircraft to taxi around said airport. Depending on the time of day, the aircraft might just wait until everything is clear and safe for take-off.

What Creates Delays

Unfortunately, there are many reasons a flight can experience delays and it might not always be the airline’s fault. For instance, things like delays in boarding, technical effects, baggage handling, etc., can affect your flight. Keep in mind that airlines try to keep delays to a minimum as much as possible, because they strive for efficiency and the quickest turnaround time. One delayed flight can affect the rest of the flights throughout the day, so they are not doing it because they wanted a delayed flight.

Ask Around

One of the most accurate ways to know how long your flight will get delayed for is by asking the employees or crew members. While they might not immediately at first, they should have an answer soon enough. Airlines tend to be hesitant to announce delays immediately because there might be no need to do so, however if you feel that you have been waiting for awhile you can always ask the people who work at the airport for an update. They might help you get the most accurate time and hopefully get you create a compensation claim for the delay if you want.

Delayed flights can become a really big hassle to handle, but you can read the information above to help you learn more about flight delays and what causes them. It can help you create compensation claims and put your nerves at ease.